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Important School Updates

Our Leadership Team is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic.  All Resource Centers and offices are now open with effective

COVID-19 safety protocols in place.  If you have any questions please call us directly at (858) 678-2020.

The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff are our priority.

Check back here regularly to stay up-to-date with important information. 

With evolving information about the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that a lot of information circulating through the community may create or increase stress and anxiety.  Please do not forget that your student’s Teacher and Support Staff are available to provide ongoing assistance for your student and family during this challenging time. 

Please ensure that the information you gather is from reliable sources.  Please take the time to review the resources below to help you and your family stay informed and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

The California Parent and Youth Helpline: provides support and resource referrals to parent and youth during the current COVID-19 pandemic, 7-days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Call or text 1-855-4APARENT (855-427-2736) for services in English, Spanish and other languages.  For more information, please visit:




For student health concerns,  please contact our Lead Credentialed School Nurse:

Eleanor Pe, FNP, MSN, RN, SNSC, Office: (858)678-2036, E-mail:

Eleanor Pe
  • What are Altus Schools?
    Altus Schools offer FREE public schools, serving students in K-12th grade. We provide an opportunity for students who seek an alternative to the traditional school.
  • How does our program work?
    Unlike traditional schools, a student is assigned to one teacher that guides the student through all of his/her academic courses.
  • What does the coursework look like for students that enroll here?
    Students focus on 1-2 courses at a time and complete each course within 3-4 weeks. Students have the option to complete their coursework using a textbook, online, or a blend of the two.
  • Will the student receive a real high school diploma?
    Yes! Just like your traditional school, our schools are WASC accredited. In addition, our courses are NCAA and UC a-g approved. Upon completion, students participate in our graduation ceremony and receive their high school diploma.
  • How often do students have to attend the Resource Center?
    Together, both teacher and family, will establish a schedule that best suits the student’s academic needs. Similar to college, students complete 80% of their course work at home, while 20% is spent inside the Resource Center. On average, a student attends the Resource Center 2-3 times a week for 2-3 hours a day.
  • What do students do when they are attending their scheduled Resource Center hours?
    During their scheduled time, students have the opportunity to receive help from their teacher, ask questions, turn in assignments, and/or test on the curriculum.
  • What does it take to be a successful student here?
    Students at our schools learn how to be self motivated and should set aside 4-6 hours a day in order to meet minimum work requirements.
  • As a parent, what is my role?
    Accountability is key! Parents, guardians, and family members are our biggest accountability partners in making sure the student is successful. Expect frequent communication with the teacher on academic progress.
  • Can students remain enrolled with their traditional school while attending an Altus School?
    Students cannot be concurrently enrolled at another school while enrolled here. However, our courses are easily transferable and the student may rejoin their traditional school at any time.
  • What happens if the student has an IEP or a 504?
    We accept all students with IEPs and 504s. Our on-site Resource Specialist helps modify courses to meet students’ needs, and provides extra tutoring time. Be sure to include this paperwork as soon as possible, so an education plan can be created right away.
  • What are the next steps?
    Our enrollment process is easy! To enroll, visit and click “Enroll” to fill out our Request Enrollment Form. A school representative will contact you within 1-2 business days. Once confirmation has been received by our office staff, please allow 3-5 business days to process the application and place your student in a designated Resource Center.
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