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We understand that every student is unique in their quest for college and career readiness!  Whether your goal is to attend college or enter the workforce, Altus School students work one-on-one with their teachers to develop a personalized plan that will bring them closer to accomplishing their dreams.

Safe Culture &

Supportive Environment

It's not just a culture that our staff provides. Ensuring our students feel safe and supported is our #1 priority.  Our schools are achieving this at unprecedented levels and is in direct correlation to student achievement.

Independent Study

Our independent study model teaches our students to be self-motivated, self-disciplined, and accountable--essential skills for future success!  Our teachers actively engage and support our students along the way, providing enrichment and one-on-one tutoring as needed.

Rigorous Curriculum

Through an academically rigorous curriculum, students study one or two subjects/courses at a time.  Our goal for every student is their mastery of state standards as well as successful transition from high school to their post-secondary choice.  Altus School teachers are trained in providing rigorous academic standards and increasing student achievement.

What if we rethink how teachers teach and students learn, reimagining school as we know it. 

Is it possible that Altus Schools are already making it a reality? 

You bet. 





Our schools offer an alternative to the traditional school setting.  Our non-campus, non-classroom based Resource Centers are designed to activate the learning potential of every student! Visit a Resource Center and take a tour today!

Our blended learning curriculum using new technology along with existing resources has enhanced the learning experience of every student!  We are truly breaking the barriers in providing the highest quality education available.


The combination of our high quality instruction and small teacher-to-student ratio gives our students the opportunity to achieve their greatest academic endeavors.  Our unique instruction model gives teachers the opportunity to interact with students on a meaningful level, resulting in a transformative education for our students!

Find the focus to catch up and the freedom to accelerate at a pace that optimizes learning for you!  At Altus Schools, our flexible scheduling and around-the-year calendar better serves our students academic and personal needs.  Unlike traditional schools where attendance is accumulated by being physically present in the classroom, we measure attendance by completion of work.  Our teachers work one-on-one with every student and their family to ensure assignments are completed and learning is achieved.  

Still have questions about our program and our schools? 

View our FAQ page or contact us.


Our schools exist because we believe Kids Come First

We are setting out to help every student achieve their greatest success in life. 

Together, we are Transforming Lives

Experience the Altus Difference

Experience the Altus Difference
Experience the Altus Difference

Experience the Altus Difference

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2015 Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award

2015 Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award

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2017 Hart Vision Teacher of the Year

2017 Hart Vision Teacher of the Year

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Transforming Lives!

Transforming Lives!

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