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California Charter Schools Association Indicates an Increase in Charter School Support

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

#CharterNation, which supports charter schools, shares their current survey, indicating an increase in Charter School support.

 teacher and student at the Charter School of San Diego work on scientific modules.

At the Charter School of San Diego, students maximize their academic potential through individualized, personalized, and one-on-one support from highly-qualified teachers.

According to the latest annual poll by California Charter Schools Association (CCSA), 52 percent of California voters support charter schools, matching the previous high set in 2015.

The findings demonstrate a strong and broad support for charter schools in our state:

  • 56 percent of voting parents support charter schools while just 21 percent oppose them.

  • 78 percent of survey respondents believe that parents should be able to choose a charter school if they think it’s better for their child than their nearby district school.

  • 60 percent of parents surveyed would consider enrolling their child in a charter school.

  • Charter school favorability among Democrats and Republicans is at its highest level since CCSA administered its poll.

  • At 30 percent, Black respondents are near the top when it comes to the margin of charter school favorability.

Students achieve their academic goals in a positive, challenging environment centered around learning.

This data indicates that parents across our state believe they should have options when it comes to finding the right education for their child. They don’t believe that a one-size-fits-all public education works for students with different needs. They recognize that quality charter schools are part of the solution by moving us closer to ensuring students from every background and zip code receive the quality education they deserve.

At Altus Schools, we believe in this mission and aim to continue Transforming Lives™. Altus Schools are committed to the development of a personalized, one-on-one instructional program, led by highly qualified staff, in a safe environment. Our free public schools serve students in grades K-12. To learn more and to enroll, click here.


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