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Communication and Social Resources

Attire Guide: Dress Codes from Casual to White Tie: Emily Post. A breakdown of common dress codes.
Cultural Etiquette Around the World: eDiplomat. A reference for travelers and professionals to learn about other cultures.
Teen Scene: Etiquette for Teens and Young Adults: Emily Post. Learn about modern etiquette and manners for preparing to enter the adult world.
Essential Etiquette for Young Men: The Art of Manliness. A humorous and candid look at modern expectations of “manliness” and being a gentleman.
Digital Age Etiquette: A TED talk posted at the Huffington Post about how best to navigate etiquette online.
Facebook Etiquette: Huffington Post. Dos and dont’s of posting on Facebook.
The Guide to Social Media Etiquette: Real Simple. From Facebook to Twitter, learn how to use the technology to your best advantage.
“18 Common Phrases to Avoid in Conversation”: Real Simple. Isn’t it time we stop telling others, “You look tired”? Learn better ways to phrase common thoughts.
A Guide to Good Table Manners: Real Simple. Never be surprised by which fork to use again.
How to Offer Words of Sympathy: Real Simple. When someone you care about loses a loved one, it can be difficult to show them you care. Learn how to address grief and loss.
“A Survival Guide When You Turn 18“- When you turn 18. Click here for the Spanish Version

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